The Fred Taylor

Company is a Georgia Based Corporation

It has five operating divisions and over twenty company owned facilities in Georgia and Alabama.

Our Services

Interstate Nationalease

Providing Truck Leasing


Interstate Warehouse

Providing Warehousing Logistics

Fred Taylor Company, Inc.

The roots of the Albany-based Fred Taylor Company, the parent company, stretch back to 1969 when Taylor Enterprises, a sole proprietorship, was formed to include Fred Taylor, a Controller and a Personnel Manager.

This management service provided leadership, coordination and administration of its operating subsidiaries and was carried on as Taylor Enterprises until September 30, 1977, when the Fred Taylor Company, Inc. was formed. 


Today FTC continues to provide leadership along with services such as financing, real estate management, public relations and business development to its subsidiaries.

Years in Business

Completed Projects

We’ve Been in Business For Over 51 Years

The Fred Taylor Company was founded by Fred Taylor in 1959 with just $95.00 in operating capital.  Numerous faithful suppliers had confidence in his ability to succeed.  Among these was the C & S Bank, now Bank of America, which loaned the company its first commercial loan of one thousand dollars to assist with payroll expenses.  Bank of America has continued to make loans for both equipment and real estate throughout the companies 50-year history. 

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